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I've been having sleeping difficulties! :( Which sucks because I have to get up during the day to go around the house for cleaning, chores, and work.. ect. I usually get too many things on my mind and cannot get to sleep! Or the headlights from car on the highway wake me up. xD Dang you automobiles!!

Does anybody have a good way to solve insomniac-habits?


oh, bother

Yu-Gi-Oh! is becoming my obsession all over again. Why? Why can I not be free of this obsess0rz? ;_;

5D's is pretty awesome in my mind's eye... *ohohoho* A little Jack Atlas+Yusei Fudo action is MUCH WANT! They seem to have a bit of a Light vs. Dark concept going on, or more of a Hero vs. Villain functionality... but either way they've got some mad character design going down there. I wouldn't mind seeing some more episodes of them featured together as the focus! Sometime I'm gonna have to draw some fan-arts for it... that would be epic on all proportions! *heart* 8)

I have not had the pleasure of watching the GX episodes. ;___; /sobsob I. WANT. TO. WATCH. THEM. *Obviously because Johan and Judai are so sexy ahheheh* Has anybody watched those series, or is there a comic version to them? If there's a comic version I think I'll just buy the mags! That sounds so much easier than youtube-ing all of the eps lol... that or going google-linkz0ring for half an hour. DX /do not want  

Sooo, <33 Judai+Johan & Jack+Yusei = *unf unf* LOL NO... they're just too cute. 

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Hopped on the bandwagon...

...it would appear as though I've joined all of the other lj-ers out there! *dorks around* xD I'm knew to this web-blogging site and all, so please cut me a mite of slack. Eventually I will become an avid (and hopefully understandable) and fluent lj-er! *pumps fist in the air* DETERMINATION shall be my humble guide! Um, yes. 8)

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